Friday, August 21, 2015

The weekend is last!

Silence has fallen over the neighborhood as the big Cat graders, back hoes, tractors and vibrators have been parked and switched off. It's the weekend and they quit early every Friday. But Monday morning the roar of big diesel engines will fill the air as they continue to dig and grade for the 19 home tract right behind our house. The plates and dishes will resume their dance as the vibrating compactor passes by and I will silently curse the builder. 

Speaking of solar energy; on the plus side of life, the electricians have finished their work and the city has inspected and approved all that they have done. All we need now is for the power company to come out make the final 'connection'. I got a preview of what kind of power we will generate from our 7.3 Kw panel array on the roof. The electrician turned it on for an hour of testing and he asked me to turn the home thermostat down to 65 degrees. I did and then watched as the screen showed I was using .45 watts of the power company's power. All the rest was mine. And this was on an overcast and hazy day. I'm excited!

The corticosteroid injection for my SI joint pain hasn't begun to work yet. All very depressing. So I'm doing what any normal person with autism spectrum disorder does; I count things. I'm busily deleting all of my image files from storage on Amazon's servers. If you have a Prime membership, you can store an unlimited number of image files and 5GB of documents. Well, I had a large number all right, 33,000 plus. And as I delete them, I count them and then count how many remain. I had collected images of everything and had put them all in folders. Not bad; until they became scrambled somehow and began duplicating themselves. I couldn't keep up with it so I decided to delete them and start all over. Of course I have copies of all of those files on another server. Two sets of copies to be factual. Yes, it makes me feel better. You have to trust me on that...

Back in the day; whenever I was troubled I would find something to count or to arrange. When we lived in the woods of northeastern California, I was reloading rifle and pistol cartridges. I had a reloading kit, complete with gun powder and bullets. You had to be precise when you were doing this and I would carefully count each item that went into the finished cartridge. I didn't do vey much shooting out at the range so I would ask people at work if they had any used cartridges and I would reload those and count them. I would open the boxes of shells I had finished the day before and I would count them again. All very soothing to me. 

Time to make a final count for the day and do some painting...

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