Friday, November 6, 2015

Growing old

I was reading the Time Goes By blog about conservatism being a normal part of aging.  I commented, writing that I was firmly a Liberal, despite my age of 75. In fact, attaining the age of 75 marked a time of change in my attitude about a lot of things. I'm free now, free to express my opinion on anything I darn well please. And I frequently do. And since I am 75, I am forgiven. Usually for the wrong reason...which is exasperating!

Living where I do, Chico CA, saying that I'm a liberal is an act of bravery or foolishness; take your pick. Chico is a 'purple' City in a 'red' county in a 'red' valley' in a 'blue' state. The City Council has been taken over by the conservatives of the Tea Party stripe. It's a 4 to 3 majority for them and they use it viciously. They hate the homeless and enact laws that will send them to jail or out of the city. They don't really care that 75% of the homeless are home grown...Chico has always been their home. They still want to get them on a bus out of here. Too many of the homeless are veterans as well. That doesn't cut them any slack with the council. They have enacted a sit-lie ordinance, making it illegal to sit or lie upon any public property. Want to take a nap on the inviting green lawn at the park? Go to jail!

If there was some way to engage the students at the University here, the liberals could take the council back in the next election. But the students are notorious for their record of not voting in any election. The conservatives are afraid of the students and have attempted many times to curtail their rights to vote. Twice now, they have tried to pass an amendment that would change the date for the primaries to a time in the summer, when students are absent.

I could go on and on but I won't. Time for a nap...

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