Friday, November 20, 2015


It’s later in the day but earlier we were at the great bastion of Excess, the Costco store. It was very crowded and the fact that it was Friday may have had something to do with that. We were there just as they opened and the rush was on. I detoured as quickly as possible and pushed the cart down a side aisle. We did need some more printer paper and I picked up a ream while we were back there. Sticking to the back and side aisles much as possible, we made our way down to the ‘Deli’ section. It’s far too large to be called a deli but I can’t think of anything else to call it. The ‘Butcher Shop’ portion is right across the aisle from the ‘Deli’ but I was looking for the hams and that’s where we found the kind we wanted, Kirkland Applewood Smoked Master Carve ham. It’s the ugliest looking thing you have ever seen when it comes to hams. But is it ever tasty! And super easy to cook and carve. We had some at a friends house last year and vowed that we would buy one this year. We have. A 20 pound one. It will be ready and waiting for Christmas.

After pulling into a safe space, we looked at our list and decided on our next move. We made our way across a stream of determined cart pushers to the paper goods. TP, napkins, and paper plates. That’s all. Normally we go back and forth, looking on each aisle and on both sides of the aisles. It’s good exercise. The walking is good physical exercise and we also get a chance to exercise our willpower as we attempt to avoid most of the offerings. To help us do that, we always get in early, before the vendor ladies set up their tables. Those ladies and their offerings cause a terrible and continuous traffic jam once they are set up. Today, we went to a few selected aisles and took what we needed; M&M’s were a bargain, really, so we bought two packages. Then a two-pack of cough drops. That was it, we were through and headed to the checkout. We were out the door in record time and had no problem getting out of the parking lot.   

Despite premonitions of a terrible shopping experience, it turned out quite nicely. It was our attitude that did it. I couldn’t have done this ten years ago. I hated shopping! Now I enjoy it and I m surprisingly mellow before, during, and after shopping. That being so, I decided to take the slow way home and enjoy the fall colors on the magnificent trees that line the Esplanade. And they were magnificent. All in all, a great morning. Here’s a link to a short video of the fall colors in Chico. The four lane road you see in the video is the Esplanade and it's lined with trees. The tall brick structure is Bidwell Presbyterian church and that is where we can be found on Sunday mornings. The Esplanade runs N/S and immediately west of the church is the Cal State University at Chico. Diagonally across the street, S/E, is Colliers Hardware, an institution here. Just West of the church is a restaurant, Tres Hombres, and the aroma that drifts across the street can sometimes lead your mind away from God and you will find yourself wondering if they will have an empty table for you once the service is over. A personal note; my oldest daughter was once a server here.   

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