Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why not?

I think I will post some more Farmer's Market photos. We were downtown at 7:30 and found the perfect parking space; right next to the market. Most of the photos don't need to be captioned. I took quite a few as I didn't buy my coffee till I had a good sampling of photos safely captured. Cane, coffee and camera make for a clumsy time.

It seems that Blogger is telling me that I've posted enough pictures. That is probably a good thing. I take a lot of pain medication and when I am trying to clamp down on that pain I take the most of the morphine and Norco that the doctor recommends. And I've done that, about an hour ago.  Now I'm making all sorts of spellings and grammatical errors. I apologize for all of those errors that I've made during the past six months. Those drugs also make me very alert and here's a blog posting.

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