Saturday, February 20, 2016

continuing in the same vein said the phlebotomist

I've been trying to paint recently and it's been terrible. Very bad. Awful. I stink. Up till the time of the show I was creative. I was cranking out good paintings every 3 or 4 days. I was surprising myself with the quality. Then it stopped. The day after the show opened I finished two paintings that I had started earlier. One turned out to be a fine piece, the other, not so much but still worthy of my signature. Right now I have 5 paintings in rotation. I paint over them on a daily basis; wasting paint.

I suppose I shouldn't force it. If I have talent, and I know I have, it will come back. Maybe a change in format would help. The smart thing to do would be to paint small once again. Saves money on canvas and on paint. But I have a large 4'x4' piece of hardboard that I have painted on before. It just needs some bracing on the back of it and I could work on that. I love large paintings and the ones I'm having difficulty with are small, 16x20.

More sunshine here. We had a few days of partial rain, certainly nothing to brag about. Trees are blossoming and it is at least a month early for them. I don't know what this will do to the local money crops of almonds and walnuts.Some ranchers are doing olives and I suppose they will be fine. Olives are not weather dependent. I know the apricots are in trouble. They blossomed a good 5 weeks early and they are a very sensitive crop.

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