Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's time for me to take a break

I'm developing tics. I have moments of rage. I sometimes cry uncontrollably. And all because it's 2016, an election year, and I'm watching the Stoopids explaining their reasoning for voting as they do. No, it's not nice to make fun of the intellectually challenged and so I must find something else to do with my time during these next 9, or is it 8 months? I really don't need to see any political ads. I already have a candidate to vote for. It's the Anti-Stoopid, whoever the Democrats choose.

And then there are the Senators that have chosen, once more, to display the fact that they hate a black man as President. They are willfully deciding to disobey the law and will not even talk to a candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court. I think it's seditious. I think they should be arrested. A 5 million plus majority of Americans voted for Mr. Obama and we want him to do his job; nominate someone for the post of Justice. But to do what they are doing, willfully disobeying the law...a law that was never challenged until these old white men saw a black President; we have become the laughing stock of the world.

Stamp collecting? Maybe that would take my mind off this sorry state of affairs.


  1. It helps to not watch the TV news programs. I also feel I need a break especially from reading comments by extremists on either side. It isn't healthy. Since we can't do anything about it for now, voting in Oregon probably will be after the Democratic primary is settled, I am trying to not pay so much attention-- although for a news junkie, it's not easy.

    1. I haven't watched network news in years. Without the greats of network news, ethical newsmen like Huntley and Brinkley and Cronkite around, there was no purpose in watching. I subscribe to the Economist and I read on-line news such as NY Times and LA Times, the Sacramento Bee and our local News and Review. I wonder what Cronkite would say about todays political news?