Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just what I need...

More medical decisions being made by...Governor's? I just read that the GOBC of Governor's has decided that they will be implementing their own rules concerning the use of opioids. The GoodOldBoysClub should keep their hands off and let the physicians handle this. Start giving money to the law enforcement branches that investigate the over prescribing and other violations of the drug laws. That's where it would do some good. But doing this will cost just a fraction of what it would take to do it right. And it's all about the 'budget. The fact that they have ignored this for so long has just made it harder and more expensive to correct. We really don't need another set of laws on top of good laws.

As a patient with long term pain (7 years) I have to worry about the damage these bureaucrats will do to those of us that require pain medications. And no, I am not addicted. After 7 years I take less Norco than I did seven years ago. The pain levels fluctuate over the years and so does the amount of Norco consumed. I was taking Fentanyl once; a very dangerous opioid. Guaranteed to make you 'high'. I told the doctor that I needed something less potent. Recently, about 2 weeks ago, I asked the doctor to reduce the amount of MS Contin I was taking. That's the way it is supposed to work; the doctor and the patient, together, determining the proper dose.

What will I do once the state determines that I've had enough Norco for the month and I need more? Really. Need. More. I know I've written about this problem before but the news article I just read revived my interest. I know that once the pain starts and I'm without a drug to alleviate it, I'm going to be mad. Mad, but without the ability to place some pain on the Governor. Let him experience pain! I guess I will have to start using marijuana. And my Medicare won't pay for it. So it's another expense for an elder on a fixed income. Technically, I can get a medical marijuana card (another expense) and then buy some weed; but not in this county. This county is solid red and redneck and they hassle medical marijuana card holders. "We know what you're really using this grass for! And it's not for any so-called pain!"

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