Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life and more life

Lots of stuff happening these days; or so it seems. I have the opening night reception of my first ever art show coming on Friday night. I was worried about it till today. Today being the day I went to the gallery to see how the hanging was coming along. Our art director had everything under control and it is going to look very nice. Others in our painting group seemed to have the same thought about it. There was one glitch; one of my paintings sold before the show opened. That's a no-no. And the sale of that painting had to be canceled. An art center volunteer had bought it and she came to me to apologize profusely.  It was a $100 painting, so I was quite happy that she thought my painting was worth it. As I walked the gallery, the director pointed out one of my larger pieces, a 30"x48" painting and he said that he would would buy that one in a minute if it hadn't been just a little over his budget. I understood; it was selling for $600. If it doesn't sell during the show, I will offer it to him for $500.

I had to go to the big radiation center today for an MRI. What an ordeal! It turned out to be a 2 hour MRI of my upper and lower back with and without contrast media. With my painful hip and spine giving me fits all during the time I was in the 'tube'. And the tech that was handling it was making me more and more more irritated. He kept referring to me as "young man" or "youngster". It's obvious that I am 75 years old. He may have thought that he was being cute. He was not. I had my perfect response for the next time he said it and of course he didn't do it. It is starting to irritate me more and more when they treat me as a less than capable (mentally) just because I have a physical condition that hampers my ability to do lay up shots or play a 6 sets of tennis. We all get old; get over it! If you help me, do it because you see see that I need some help, not because I'm old and need help for everything. Sorry, I'm not expressing myself very well. That's due to the meds I'm taking.  As long as I take this morphine sulfate along with half a dozen Norco tablets and a few Dilaudid each day I will be be forgetful (who wouldn't be?) and will be talking out loud on a regular basis. At least I'm not out wandering around the neighborhood! (I don't think I am?)

I guess that is about it. My old bones need a rest and I can do that if I look into the front room and see my old recliner. I will have to talk my cat out of it, but she won't mind sleeping on my stomach. When she rests on me it reduces my pain.

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