Monday, February 22, 2016

Now what?

       As I noted last week,  the art show opening is over  and there were no new red dots/sales over the past week and weekend.  It's just a waiting game for any additional sales and sometime in March I will take the paintings back home. I really want to see a lot of them back on our walls. I have grown to love them. I've been painting to keep myself sane and it's working so far.
        While I was doing nothing the other day, I thought I should have some business cards, and then I thought about what should be printed on those cards. I came up with these ideas...
Steven Dunn, Artist 
Available for the Painting of Murals to Miniatures
Abstract and Abstract Expressionism are our Specialty
Sales and Rentals of Well Mannered Miniature Horses
Certified Dealer in New and Used Samovars. 
I am an Exclusive Dealer For the Troika All Brass Electric Samovar
We buy, sell, trade and swap       
Gently Used Samovars. Email us for an Appraisal
Food Stylist…Reasonable rates. Dinners Only
Curmudgeonly Dock Walloper With Over 20 Years of Experience in the Field

Maybe I should put all of these on a card...using the front and back of course. 

I think I had better go back to my painting.

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