Monday, June 27, 2016

Inside the mind of an artist

I can see already that I should have brought some candles. It's dark in here.

I was looking at my gallery wall this morning, hoping to be inspired by past successes. Yet, all I can see are the negatives. My palette was far too limited. I do have half a dozen paintings on the wall that I purchased or was given. These are the bright spots on the wall. All the rest, save a few, are beginning to bore me. There is one painting, one I purchased recently that makes me smile every time I see it. It's title is the '8 Legged Horse'. The artist had a small show at the coffee shop next to our Art Center and I was immediately drawn to this painting. I had to buy it. It was only $60 and I thought that was a steal.

The painting has been created with watercolors, crayons, pencil, pen and ink, stampings and other unidentifiable markings. All on watercolor paper. It reminds me of Basquiat's paintings but it's not a copy of that artists style. It has its own inimitable style.

I know...your six year old could paint one better than that. I've heard it all before and it doesn't bother me anymore. The fact is, in most cases, your six year old is probably twenty years away from painting this well. I say 'in most cases' because there are some six year olds that have not yet been burdened by the demands of their friends and parents to paint a 'pretty picture'. They are more than capable of painting what's in their imagination.

(I found some drafts and decided to post them as is. this is the last of the pair)

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