Thursday, July 28, 2016

104 and climbing

Another hot day in a long string of them. We won't see any drop out of the 100's until sometime next week. The AC is working non-stop and I'm thankful for the solar panels on the roof as they play a big part in reducing the power bill. At the end of June, the power company owed us about $16 for the year. Our final 'true up' bill in September will not be quite as generous as it will include a very hot July. Either way, it's so much better than it used to be.

We went downtown this morning for coffee with our middle daughter, a habit we like. And while we were there I was able to collect a bunch of pokemon's. Yes, I'm one of those people. I can't walk very far so my ability to hunt them down is limited. But, it is fun!...and it keeps me out of the pool halls.

Interesting...I have observed that most Pokestops, a reloading station, are located at a church. I have no idea as to why that is but it makes it easy to find one when you need it. And Pokemon is denominational!

I'm putting together a collection of my smaller art work and getting ready to print it. Once I see what they look like, framed, I will make the necessary corrections and then submit them for a show at the coffee shop.  Since all the artwork is digital, I will have a ready made portfolio for submission anywhere.      

We have watched a few episodes of Manor House on Amazon TV and find it oddly compelling. It's reality TV of another sort as there are no prizes at all. Hard to describe; it involves masters and servants living in a very old and beautiful English manor house, all set in 1906. And everyone must play their part as if it were 1906. For 3 months. Wood fired stoves in the kitchen and perishables are kept in the cold room where blocks of ice keep it cool. You want steaks for dinner, or maybe a roast? The cook must cut them from a side of beef. They have already gone through 2 scullery maids as that is the lowest position in the household staff. They simply went to their rooms, packed up and walked down the road and away from the job. I could hardly blame them.  The show gives you a whole new look at life in Edwardian England.

Well, back to my brush, palette and canvas...

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