Monday, July 18, 2016


Yes, I go Pokémon Go. My granddaughter came over this morning and I asked her about Pokémon Go. Of course, she had it on her phone. I had been reading about it here and there on the internet and was interested in finding out more about it. I loaded the app on my phone and she quickly found my first Pokémon for me and instructed me in the fine art of catching one. Well, that was easy. Now what do I do? I hope there isn't some limit of Pokemon's that can be caught in a day or do I have to catch a minimum number? Oh, the things you do to entertain your grandchildren. And yourself of course. Still, there are lots of Pokemon questions here...darn! there's one now! It turns out that there is a recharging station (to get more Pokemon Balls) at a close by park, near the 'Jungle Gym' apparatus.

I thought it was all harmless fun and then I read the news and found that someone in Florida (of course) had gone into his house to get a gun and then shot at some Pokemon players. My granddaughter told me that some players have been injured because they have walked into traffic while completely absorbed in the game.

The best thing about this game? I don't have to think about that other pain in my life (that convention)


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