Friday, July 15, 2016

Some other things in our life

Chico is an odd town. We have a major state university here and we have annual wage levels in the city that are far below the state average while we pay our police and firemen at the same level as Beverly Hills. The University is a predominantly 'Blue' institution while the City Council has a majority of  'Red' council members and the conservative citizens of the town believe that students shouldn't have the same rights as other citizens of the town because...well, they're students! I must admit that I do like this time of the year because the whole downtown area is calm and uncrowded; until the students return for the fall semester.

We are going through a major heat wave here and we're looking forward to the weekend when the temps are supposed to fall back into the 90's. We try and keep the doors and windows closed as well as the drapes. I'm opening the garage in the mornings to bring the temp down and then closing it all up as soon as the temps equalize. Boo, the Magical Cat likes to sleep there at night and I hate to see the temps in the garage climbing towards the high 80's. Even with a fur coat, the heat doesn't seem to bother her. We keep her well watered and that makes me feel better. No, we don't make her go into the garage; she leads me to the door every night.

We are getting used to life without cable or satellite. We keep our TV usage down to 2 shows a night. And those have been on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We've run across some good shows lately; Bleak House, the old Charles Dickens story, was given a great interpretation on a series that was run on Amazon. It's an 11 year old mini series that was new to us and we loved it! Also a good one was Dr. Thorne by Julian Fellowes. I think it was on Amazon as well. So far, we have found the British shows to have the better talent and stories. We just started watching Upstairs, Downstairs and the PBS show Indian Summers.

I do miss the Bleak House show; Mr. Goodweed, Inspector Bucket, Lady Dedlock,and Guppy! All brilliantly over acted by a cast that seemed to be having a great deal of fun with it. If I were an actor, I would love to have a part in this drama.

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