Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wacom World

Earlier this month I told you about my purchase of a Wacom pen/tablet. This has been a life changer. With this painful hip of mine I can't stand at the easel any more. Wacom has given me a virtual or digital easel to place a canvas of the size I want and then I can paint with any brush or any paint and color. The choice of brushes is limitless. You can tweak them in a million different combinations of length, width, pressure, paint load, how much paint to release in a stroke, opacity and on and on.That goes for the paint as well.

In the past week I have been painting five or six hours a day. (my hip limits my sitting as well, but not as much as standing does) The canvases have not been masterpieces but one or two have been worth saving in a file dedicated to my digital art.

After doing some Emil Nolde style works I have moved on to the works of Sir David Hockney. In his 80's now, he has become a digital artist,turning out work he did on his iPhone or iPad while making the long flights from his home in England to the one in Santa Monica. Here's a link to the next one I will attempt to emulate. Searching hockney digital on Google will show you just what an artist he has been and still is. His bio is lengthy and worth reading.

In the painting I am attempting I have printed out the image of this painting and I'm using it for reference. I already have about 9 hours into the work but I look at his and there is life, abundant! Mine is still flat and dead. But I have plenty of time to inject some life into it. I'll show it you then....

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