Saturday, July 16, 2016

Something for everyone

We're just back from a walk. We walked all over the Farmers Markets and then over to Raley's Market followed by more walking in the aisles of Trader Joe's. On the drive home I was telling Laurae that this was the perfect way to go shopping; we started at 7:30 and we were finished by 9:30. Everyone we met was friendly, courteous and helpful. Everyone was smiling and it's contagious. Even more so at Trader Joe's; it is all smiles and laughter there.

I had to pay a price for all the walking. My hip pain afterwards required a double dose of the pain   medication. I saw our regular doc yesterday and he asked me which surgeon was I going to see? I told him Dr. Jones. Oops! It turns out that there are 3 Dr. Jones that do orthopedic surgery and they all work in the same medical group. It's a father and a son and...I don't know for sure what the relationship of the 3rd Jones is. Supposedly, it's the the first Dr. Jones that is the best. You really have to know your Jones's around here. Now I need to email my doc and tell him that all is well, I have an appointment with the preferred doctor.

I have been assured by many that hip replacement is a piece of cake. I also know one, a close artist friend, that has not had a successful replacement. As usual, there are no guarantees.

I've been working with my digital pen/board and I'm seeing some light. I've finished a few simple abstract pieces and I'm using the other software, Art Rage Light, to try out a different look. Now I can paint in the dining room while listening to the library of music on my Mac.

The tomatoes are everywhere and there is every kind of the fruit? vegetable? to see.

The market always has a large supply of flowers. There seems to be more of them than usual this year. My daughter, the one that owns a large nursery/gifts/cut flowers company, told me that she will be doing a lot more of the cut flowers in the days to come.

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