Monday, October 17, 2016

Are you kidding me?

I am hurting. It is very, very, very painful. It, in this case, being a fractured pelvis on my left side. Even with Dilaudid and morphine for pain, the pain is there; persistent! And you can only imagine what all of these drugs have done to my memory. Perhaps I should start at the beginning...

I am part of a church group that spends an occasional Sunday at church with a patrol of the church grounds. Bidwell Presbyterian Church. This morning I was by myself and had removed my badge in preparation for leaving. That was when I noticed that I had forgotten the magnetic bar that was part of the badge. I bent down to get it and and that was the time that I lost my balance and I fell forward, about 2'.  That was just right for my left pelvis to connect with a large pot. A hard pot. I hit it with enough force to break my pelvis. And that hurt!! I also broke the pot...

It is now 8 days later and relief is not in site. I saw the doctor a few days ago and he added to my pain relief by giving back the pain relief med I had asked him to delete from my drug list just a few weeks earlier. I can do some things with less pain than a week ago, such as standing upright with assistance. I can only dream about life without assistance.

I'm taking a very long time to type this; my brain and fingers have a communication problem. If I could find a way to 'speak' this blog post I certainly would. Apple has that feature in lots of places but I don't see it here. But, with my mind being fragmented by drugs, my speech has not been all that clear.

I guess I'm through for the day.


  1. Hate to hear of your injury. Hope you heal soon.

  2. Thank you Wally; It's been a rough week. This morning we were in the local Walgreens, getting a lot of drugs....scratch that. We were at the local lab for a blood draw. That's the way we do things here; I think we are going one [place and no, that's not the plan at all. We have concluded that there are two of us living here; The real me and the imaginary me. I will never be lonely. Yes, Wally, you are fictitious as well and you and I have long conversations.