Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hard to believe

I tried to avoid the debate last night. But I can't move very far because of the fractured pelvis and my wife wanted to watch. When the debate began I was immediately put off by the intro music and high drama from the narrator; was this a Presidential debate or beginning credits for a Hollywood Roman Empire epic? There was nothing Presidential about it!

And why Las Vegas? I happen to know that there is a lot more to that city than the "The Strip". I've worked there many times. It's a nice place.'s not a city meant for Presidential debates. Maybe 50 years from now, but not now.

In my opinion the evening went downhill from there. Trump was outclassed from the beginning and should have surrendered to Hillary early on, promising to go back to his Tower quietly if she would just stop being so mean to him.

At the conclusion I was, I'm sorry to say, embarrassed. Embarrassed that I was an American. Embarrassed that America had fallen to this sorry state. As a country we had allowed this spoiled man-child to become a candidate for the highest office in the world. As a nation we had allowed our representatives to love power instead of the people they served. That dysfunction begat the Tea Party and the Tea Party begat Trump...despite their fierce denials.

No, Hillary is not the candidate I would have chosen. I don't even know who that candidate would have been. Perhaps we will see candidates far more worthy 4 years, 8 years from now. I can wait.


  1. At first I thought Trump had finally started to listen to his handlers because he lasted a while longer than the first two debates before starting to unravel. But, he just can't help himself. No one can control him, not even himself. The scary thing is that such a large part of the population thinks he's the greatest.

    1. I had the same thoughts. Looking back, I suppose the odd look about him at the time must have been the tension of holding back. I don't suppose you see a lot of yard signs out in the country, but here, in a small city (80,000) we see lots of yard signs, but only one of Trump and one of Hillary in my normal drive. I imagine that we will see lots of them now that the debates are over.

  2. I don't like either of them. I am very upset that I have to vote and keep trying to come up with some way around it. I think I read too much ;)

    In the country where I live, I expect most will be for Trump but no signs. I've only seen a few Trump signs closer to town and so far no Clinton signs. I guess people would like to pretend it wasn't happening. Lots of signs for those running for local offices.

    1. Living in a 'Red' county, I expected to see a lot of Trump signs but we also live in a university town and that would change the number of Trump signs. I should try some other routes to get me downtown and I may have a whole different take. Speaking of a different take, a friend emailed me this just 20 minutes ago... I found out some things that I hadn't read b efore.

    2. Those aren't the allegations I've read. Some of it can't be debunked or proven either way as it's the way things often happen with no fingerprints. The concern with the email server is not that she deliberately sent secrets to enemies. It is that it might've been easier for hackers-- and that is a might. But mostly it's because she had so many erased with nobody but her and her staff to determine what they were about. Given wikileaks, we can guess that a lot were more embarrassing than treason but still she was told to turn them over and she did not-- and she got away with it because Comey said she didn't know what she was doing. If she truly, she's not as smart as so many claim, but I think most of us know she did know and had her own reasons based on her secretive nature. If she only had weddings and yoga on it, why not have another server for private stuff? A lot of her excuses have come down to I don't remember. We might have to vote for her but do not have to fool ourselves about her. A lot of us will just hope for the best come January...

  3. What I do know for sure is this...after some time in IT I was amazed at the truly intelligent people that did not know what a server was for. Clouds were a mystery to them. They assumed that deleting a file deleted a file. On and on...

    Also, I don't remember much attention being given to her predecessor, Rice, when she did the same thing or more. And then there are the missing emails from Bush's computer system. With a little digging I wouldn't be surprised to see the same thing happening within every government office.

    We only hear about the russian hackers when they've slipped up and been caught or when they wish us to know. Of course we do the same but I have a feeling that they do it better. I haven't had exposure to a lot of American youth but from what I've seen this country has no interest in promoting education in STEM. There are exceptions and they are the ones that are photographed and interviewed, making it seem as if it were happening in every school across the nation. I was a computer ed consultant in a small school in a rural school. There, the children knew more than the teacher and that wasn't much.

    It's been 8 years since my time in that school but I do keep up on what's happening in a few other schools via my grandchildren. It doesn't seem to have improved very much...

    Here I go, ranting. I can't believe how much I wandered in my rants. It's the drugs as usual. They help with the pain but mindless rants are a by-product. That and careless typing. I can't type more than 3 words without a mistake.

    I will be with you, hoping for the best come January.

  4. It's like the hackers being Russian but are they? We have to trust those who have a lot of reasons to lie. Like one of the DNC saying she would not answer if she forwarded questions to Hillary before the debate and said she was being persecuted to even be asked.

    I will have to vote for Hillary but don't have to kid myself. I've also read that Rice and the others were not in the same situation as Hillary who had something some believe she wanted to hide regarding Libya and Syria. Anyway, there's no choice but to vote for her but I sure wish there was. If they hadn't cheated Bernie out of the primary victory, this would be a lot more enjoyable election where it'd be issues we'd be discussing. And maybe without the cheating, she'd have won but they couldn't take the chance. Very frustrating.