Thursday, October 27, 2016

So sad

Such a sad little man. You know who I mean. And I am baffled by the hold he seems to have on so many people. Or so I have been told. That's part of my bewilderment; I don't know any of these people. And in our town I have seen only one Trump lawn sign; yet I am told that his supporters will rise up and demand justice if he loses the election. Maybe his supporters are waiting to see which way the wind is blowing before showing themselves?

When I read the stories about his supporters and read their quotes, I am baffled once again. They appear to be intelligent yet they are quite willing to believe in some vast conspiracy that will deprive them of their votes. It can't happen. The logistics of pulling it off are mind boggling. And pulling it off without someone spilling the beans? 50 states and thousands of independent polling places and thousands of county clerks to certify the results. How could anyone make that happen? I know the Trumpeteers love to talk about the 2m 'dead voters', yet no one can show us where or when any of those dead voters rose up and made it into the polling booth to pull a handle. The 2m were the number of voters that county clerks across the country had failed to purge from the rolls. Shame on them! Sloppy bookkeeping; that's all. Not a grand conspiracy.

Then there are these stories of how the people will rise up and shed their blood if necessary to reclaim the 'stolen' election. There are stories of seemingly intelligent people that have gun collections "I have north of 40 guns". Collecting most things is an innocent pleasure. But stamps are not the equivalent of M-16's. And there has to be a special place in Hell reserved for those Justices that did as their NRA masters asked them to and turned the 2nd Amendment over to them.    

It won't be long now and this seeming nightmare of an election will be over. Or will it just be a bad dream?


  1. I don't know about fraud changing election results not being real. I thought it was in 2000. I also have heard people in Texas say they were voting all right, which I guess is an option there and they looked back to see that Hillary Clinton had been marked as the one they voted for. IF people just check to be sure it showed what they wanted, it should not be a problem. It's not like computers are perfect.

  2. I believe that in 2000 that the fraud was in the bizarre interpretation of the votes. The votes were all legitimately cast. Then the opportunistic found an ally in the 'hanging chad' and a biased Supreme Court.

    I live in California and yet I have never seen electronic voting. I've always 'filled in the bubble" with a black pen. Pretty much foolproof. And now that I'm retired I use an absentee ballot.

    The Bubble counting is slow but it doesn't make any difference. Washington, Oregon and California are of no importance in these elections. It's all over by the time they get our votes counted. I've always resented that. How can some podunk state like Ohio be a 'battleground' state? Or Florida? Like who cares what Florida thinks? Florida is sinking into the ocean and they don't even acknowledge it.

  3. Or Iowa which then ensures they get corn subsidies. The issues that I think matter most have not been discussed; so those who vote for Hillary have no idea what she'll do. We know though with Trump on things like the XL. I am voting on issues but I feel Hillary is corrupt and it worries me. Wikileaks has shown what a lot of us figured. I don't find Trump's boorish behavior with women to be a factor. But he's straight out said who he'd put on the Supreme Court and that he does not see climate change as real. He doesn't get educated and is too easily provoked. But I sure don't feel good about voting for her. :(. I voted for Bernie in the primaries. I sometimes wonder what they did to convince him to endorse her after all that came out regarding the fraud of that primary. What did they have on him or who is he afraid of?

  4. Where I vote it would be impossible to look back and see how your individual vote was marked because your name does not appear on the ballot. We fill in the bubble with a pen also and then insert the ballot into a locked machine that grabs it and counts it. Only votes are counted and they are never connected to a name. The people who work at the voting location are my neighbors. It is required that the crew be made up of representatives of both parties. Today my wife was asked if she would like to serve in that capacity. If any fraud occurred at the precinct level there would have to be at least 3 people involved and that is highly unlikely.
    I am also baffled by Trump's support, especially amongst Evangelical Christians. Do they not read the bible any more? How did a spiteful, mean spirit become attractive to religious people?

    1. Exactly! I am also baffled by the Capital C Christians support of this man. They should be running from him, not with him. You know, it's hard work being a christian and I hate seeing Trump make light of it.

      Back in 77, we moved to Janesville (pop; 900) and we all voted at the volunteer fireman's hall, right next the bright red pumper. I was working in Reno and it became difficult to get back in time to vote; that's when I switched to absentee ballots. We never worried about voter fraud because it never happened and never has.

  5. Here is an interesting item from the 2004 voting machines in Ohio: