Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Three Million?

I just read that Der Drumpf has decided to remove 3,000,000 undocumented workers. Well, it is 8 million shy of the undocumented that are supposed to be here. I suppose he had to start somewhere.

I decided to do some math, something I'm sure his team has already done. First, I estimated the cost of finding, holding and then deporting the 3 million. I estimated low but then I remembered it was government work and estimated higher. That number was astronomical so I came up with an estimate that was somewhere in the middle, $3,000 per head. That brings the total to $9 billion.

What I didn't figure in, and I'm sure the team didn't either, was the cost to business as sundry members of the manufacturing,  wholesale and retail businesses when some members of the workforce don't show up. The disappearance of these workers will open up job opportunities but I have a feeling that that they will go unfilled. Picking fruit and vegetables in the Southern San Joaquin valley is not for the faint of heart. Even the Drumpf Hotels may lose kitchen and cleaning workers. You only have to think of the nastiest job possible and that's where there will be a sudden rash of job openings.

I was an estimator for a construction company for about 12 years and I quickly learned that you double your price for government work. You won't make any money but you won't go bankrupt. I think it should apply here.


  1. If you read the whole story, his three steps of a proposal, it's only those with criminal records. I guess you know how the Mexican drug cartels have infiltrated many cites in the US. A lot of those gang shootings relate to that. The fence to stop illegal entries. The ones here who have committed crimes. Then deal with what to do with the rest. He has never said they'd all be deported. I wish the media was more honest about this but if you are getting the 'whole' story from the NYTimes, I doubt you'll ever get it. I wish the liberals would just wait and see what he actually does. If he goes nuts, then it's good to get all upset. Right now, it's the media who is feeding the upset. I can't imagine who wants the cartels in their cities but maybe some do as a drug source??? But if you know much about how they behave along the border, if you've been in border cities and seen the intimidation, I think nobody would want them up here.

    1. I have responded to 2 or 3 of your comments lately, and at the time for transmission, the WiFi failed once again, or my clumsy, drug addled fingers would touch something that erased 15 or 20 well thought out lines in my replies. I must be cursed. I’m typing this on my text writer in the hopes that it will survive the next technical bomb sent my way. One reply was from a week ago and I’m not sure I can remember enough of it to be meaningful. Right now I’m off line and can’t get back on. That means I can’t even read your comments.

      This wouldn’t be such a big thing if I were able to type as I used to be. But with 3 Dilaudid and 3 MS Contin per day, typing is a big problem for me. Even AutoCorrect has given up on me…

      Oops! There it is. WiFi again. I will have to start composing again. If I could only remember...

  2. That has to be sooooo frustrating, especially right now. I don't actually comment on politics very many places because so little is about issues and mostly it's been about emotions. I have friends at Facebook who are both liberal and conservatives, which has made this an 'interesting' time to say the least. Mostly I delete all political shares there and only read the issue oriented ones. The funny part about the political memes is I keep blocking all of those there and more pop up-- breeding like rabbits and I never get them all. I just feel so much of what is going around only is intended to upset people. It's a terrible time even if one doesn't have other problems to make it worse :(

  3. You are indeed brave if you have continued on Facebook. About a month ago I gave up my long held account just because of the highly charged emotional responses to any conversation starter. The other day I decided to open an account again and I am friend-ing very carefully and I check the page just once a week.

    We can’t be clinical about these issues. (I know that I can’t ) But we can be responsive without lighting a fire in our eyes; a fire that blinds us to common sense and reason. I know that once I see that I am letting my emotions rule, I try to take a time-out before I say or do something that might hurt. I’m successful most of the time.

    Another subject; I do wish I knew what causes my WiFi to cut out on me like that. Yesterday it was only for a few hours and a week ago it went on for two days. It’s especially irritating because during my last 5 years at work I was an IT specialist and instructor, setting up computers and networks, designing software, writing code and teaching people how to use computers and software. Now I’m 76 and I see myself forgetting the simplest of solutions for computer problems.

    I have been assured by my neurologist that I am not senile and show no signs of approaching senility…I can only wonder if it isn’t the number of drugs I take. I have researched all of them and I don’t see any interaction issues. My doctor has looked at them and says that it could very well be the number of opioids that I take. That number is going down as the pain subsides. So I may see an unclouded brain yet. But, in the meantime, it’s very frustrating.

  4. I think you are smart to watch who you add. I get a lot of requests I turn down but I enjoy hearing what others think there, how their lives are going, their photos and art. I haven't had to unfriend many and have only had a few unfriend me. I might have had more unfollow me ;). I tend to feel that I need to be that voice of reason lol that nobody appreciates