Monday, December 5, 2016

Time Marches On

"Time Marches On". Where did that come from? Was it a newsreel I saw at the theater?

Well, time does march on and my granddaughter, the one with with Acute Flaccid Myelitis, is out of the hospital and home. Factoid; there have been 108 cases of AFM in the US, through November, and in 33 states. No one knows much about it. No cures. How did she contact the disease? No one knows. Why not her twin brother as well? No one knows. The number, 108, is more than in the year 2015 but not as many as in the year 2014. Why? How much research is being done? Well, with only 108 cases out of a population of 312M plus, you can imagine how many dollars are allocated for research into AFM.

Right in the middle of writing this post I decided to see if there was any research being done, so I Googled it and ran across transverse myelitis and it seems that AFM is a variant of transverse myelitis and they have a webpage! I sent this info onto my son...

I am glad I read the information they had as I read that the prognosis is a crap shoot. Instead of being condemned to sit in that chair, about a 1/3 recover completely. 1/3 are left with some disability while 1/3 are not going to recover. This is so much better than the bleak outlook I had. It is still correct to say that they have no cure; what they do have is therapy that is effective for some...

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