Monday, January 30, 2017

Pants on fire!

The Presidential lies continue unabated. Luckily, there are more and more people willing to call them lies and not some euphemism that disguises the fact that the President is not just misinformed, but is in fact, a liar. A pathological liar. A sociopath. When you can, read Charles Blow in the NYT. He is a leader in calling Trump a liar.

I don't see any statistics,  but I have a feeling that more and more of the Trump supporters are quietly slipping away. I haven't heard Trump talking bout how popular he is, lately. He used to mention that on a regular basis. Bannon, the sinister half of Trump's brain, may have told him to keep it quiet. After this weekend's immigration debacle, it's obvious that Trump is losing even more ground in the popularity polls.

Every once in awhile I have a daydream where Edward R. Murrow, Huntley and Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, and John Chancellor are alive and well. Trump doesn't exist politically; he had interviews with these five during the campaign and folded early on.



  1. The ones who don't like what he's doing are the ones who didn't want him to begin. If you listen to the right wing pundits and their callers, you will see the right is pleased. Now that might change but right now all the noise is coming from the left. The last poll I saw (a right leaning organization) had him at 57% approval. That was before the immigration imbroglio though. The problem for most of the left is the only place they get their news is left wing or left leaning sources. We are a country divided by our news sources as much as anything. When I go to Facebook, all the hysteria (memes that I keep trying to block and keep breeding new sites) is coming from the left and the righties are mostly not saying much but when they do, it's satisfied to have someone doing what they ran on doing. Time will tell if that lasts...

    1. Time will most certainly tell and I hope the clock is ticking a little faster on his presidency. He is embarrassing himself routinely. I read his speech at the Prayer breakfast and the story of his call to Australia. He is not making points with the international community. The US used to be able to claim a moral authority in international relations but that is gone now....though I'm sure we are still popular in the Philippines.
      At this point in time, I rely almost exclusively on the Economist for my news when I want accuracy. Everything else, right or left is an echo chamber. I do post to my Facebook page but rarely visit it. There's just too much hysteria as you said.
      Enough...I've had my drugs and I am just rambling I'm afraid.

  2. I have done some changes with my blog. I have that political one and am moving any blog that is always political there in its sidebar. I have considered yours a mix; so I would leave it where it is or move it if you preferred. I totally get how upset people are and it's a very uncertain time. We are in a time of transition in the world and then this new leader who steps in, without much trust from a lot of folks, and he's doing everything he said he'd do-- instantly. Some are thrilled and some appalled.

    I am glad I voted for Hillary but I wouldn't have trusted her either. I hope we get two better choices in '20 but unless trump does get impeached, sounds like he'll run again. Dems better come up with a viable alternative and please that it not be Hillary again :(

  3. Thank you. I am honored that you include my blog at all. I don't seem to have the energy to do much with my blog at all these days. When I started, I was posting 2 or 3 times a day and I did that for some years. After saying that, I have to say that Trump has given me some energy. Not a lot, but some. I guess that's a plus.

    The Dems need to sweep out the old guard and return to the Democratic Party that attracted me almost 60 years ago. I left them about ten years ago because of their accommodation tactics. And their abandoning the less than upper class. I live in a Red district because the Dems refuse to spend any money to help a candidate beat Doug LaMalfa.