Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It's all fake news...

It is another busy week in The District of Trump. Of course most of the furor is caused by the rolling train wreck of the Trump family. I survive by attaching no importance to most of it. I trust the Special Prosecutor to do his job and when he is done I will have something concrete to look at. In the meantime it is all political theater.

The giant iceberg is certainly not fake news and it's more interesting than what comes from the lips of Trump...any Trump. The Larsen Ice Shelf, now a berg, is 1,150 feet thick or so they think. I wonder where it will go? Most bergs move by action  of wind and current. I have a feeling that this one will move very slowly and most ships will not be surprised when it appears. They will have seen it coming for days. No Titanic disasters with this one.

Our landscape was 'landscaped' during the past few months and we're really happy with it. It is actually xeriscaped with mostly all California natives and they are fantastically colorful. At the same time this was going on, the weather changed and we began experiencing some brutal heat. A number of plants hadn't been established long enough to survive. I would check the garden one day and then come out the next to see damaged plants where perfect plants were growing 12 hours previously. I raised the watering times by 50% and then watered twice a day to halt the damage. Plants will survive this heat with some care. I know that next year at this time the damage will be forgotten and we will be enjoying the color.  

I think we're going to have to become accustomed to this weather or move. The heat is here to stay. I was checking the long range forecast and it's not till November begins that we will see any relief. I saw no rain...but, it's a long range forecast.


  1. Yes, even xeriscapes need some time established before they can survive brutal heat and even then do need water. In Tucson, we have the lines increase frequency seasonally

    1. I'm now using an Orbitz B-Hyve Timer and it's control program is on my iPhone. I can change the time and frequency from wherever I am. I doubt that I will be using it very often, but it will be useful to turn off the sprinklers when I see it's raining, if ever. Or when I'm on vacation at the coast and see that home temps are on the rise. And if I'm really lazy, I can just tell Alexa what to water and when.

      This part of California was very close to being desert before we civilized it with green lawns and parkway trees. Even though I love deserts, most people don't and our yard is one of the few that has been xeriscaped. I really hope others will be motivated to do the same when they see that it's not tumbleweeds and cactus and yet, saves water. We had one wet year in our drought and too many people think the drought is over.