Sunday, June 26, 2005


I think it’s obvious that, as a nation, we can’t turn our backs on the Iraqi people. Despite the protests of many honorable citizens, we gave them this terrible war and it’s too late for us to simply walk away. And it dishonors those who died believing that they were doing something good. So we need to be there for as long as it takes.

But this is simply disgusting…

“Rumsfeld said Sunday he gave President Bush a list of about 15 things "that could go terribly, terribly wrong before the war started."

He said they included Iraq's oil wells being set on fire; mass refugees and relocations; blown-up bridges; and a moat of oil around Baghdad, the capital.
"So a great many of the bad things that could have happened did not happen," Rumsfeld said.

Asked if his list included the possibility of such a strong insurgency, Rumsfeld said: "I don't remember whether that was on there, but certainly it was discussed."

Rumsfeld defended Cheney's recent statement that the insurgents are in their "last throes," saying there are many ways to measure their strength.”

Those happen to be the lamest excuses I have ever heard.

Can’t any one of these people own up to their mistakes?

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