Friday, August 22, 2014

My cat, Boo the Magical Cat

She hops lightly onto the bed and then onto me. She quickly settles down and we usually fall asleep at about the same time. If I’m already asleep when she discovers me, she can slip up onto my stomach so quietly that I never know she is there until I wake.
Dogs, cats…they are simply animals that we can love for a short time and then they are gone. Trust me, there are never any winners if you decide to get into a war over pets and how they are treated. Some people think that pets are close to human and treat them so, adoring them and giving them all sorts of wonderful gifts. But, in truth, the pets are the gift to us.
So I enjoy the gift of Boo the Magical Cat while I can, knowing that she won’t be with me forever and some other cat will take her place, ad infinitum. I should mention that when I hold her close to me and look into those fantastic cat eyes, I see nothing there. No spark of human intellect. We’re from different tribes and although we can connect on an emotional level, it ends right there. She will never be able to answer my questions. Sigh.
Humans. We’re so darn complex! And still so elementary. We could be the most powerful force for good that the universe has ever seen, but we have decided to become the exact opposite. All because of ‘tribalism’, the curse of mankind. In the figurative Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve didn’t discover good and evil, they discovered that they were different from each other; that’s tribalism at its root and the good and evil came about immediately afterwards. Tribalism breeds evil. Us against them. From the playground to the battlefield, it’s exactly the same.