Sunday, March 25, 2018

What did he say?

I use Twitter. Not constantly, maybe once or twice a month. And my tweets are usually in response to one of Trump's notorious tweets. (it is hard to believe that I, a 77 year old male with a good IQ, uses words like Twitter, Tweet, Google and Blog...and thinks nothing of it?) But this morning I wanted to respond and I went to his home page on Twitter in search of his Twitter address. When I started looking around I was shocked at the number of Tweets and upon closer inspection, the quality. There was none. I knew he had a problem with the English language, but his Tweets are almost unintelligible. Twitter has increased the number of words allowed in a Tweet and that should have given Trump a break. But no, it has only given him more room for more errors.

I  formed my Tweet to him as best I could and sent it on its way. I had complained about the fact that he was doing Pentz a favor and banning transgender persons from serving in the military. This is coming from a man that did his best, and succeeded 3 times, in avoiding the draft and serving in the armed forces. Commander in Chief? I think not! 

Monday, March 12, 2018

The united? States...

3/12/18...This morning, two months after putting together this draft (below) that never saw the light of day, I decided to finish it. Coincidentally, Trump is visiting the state today and tomorrow. Hopefully, he will be met with resistance everywhere he goes...On a different is a link to my art blog

During the past two months the issue of marijuana sales seems to have become less of an issue with the weasel, Sessions. But like a weasel, you can't trust him and should never turn your back to him. The issue of immigration has become the centerpiece of Trump's visit to the Golden State and Governor Brown has made a mistake by answering the charges that Trump makes. You should never attempt to argue with an idiot like Trump.

1/7/18... This morning I was reading an article about the 'war' between Trump and California. Trump's flunky, Sessions, is tasked with upsetting the new marijuana market in California. The Interior dept has opened off-shore drilling to the oil companies. The new tax scheme of the Republicans will punish the 'blue' states and California is the biggest and 'bluest' state in the union. ICE is threatening public officials with jail because of our status as a Sanctuary State. The list of attacks goes on and on.

On marijuana, the citizens of the state and the nation approve of the legal sale by more than 70%. Sessions should know more about states rights than most AG's but he seems to have forgotten them. He will be met with many lawsuits and hopefully, California will prevail.

Scott Pruitt, an ambitious and amoral Trump soldier will do anything he can to damage the state through the use of the EPA. Again, lawyers will be called in to fight him.

Thomas Homan, the acting director of ICE has a mandate to find and deport immigrants without a legal status. But he wants the state to shoulder the burden of arresting , jailing and transferring the suspects. If a suspect is arrested and detained without evidence, that suspect can sue the state for unlawful imprisonment. Medical care and feeding while in state custody becomes a state problem. ICE has a budget and it has facilities. I would say that they should do their job.

Of course, I am already an antagonist of everything connected to Trump. I am not without bias. I really don't understand his supporters. Of course there were all sorts of comments to this article and I read some of them. I try and avoid the comments on most articles, but, at first glance, these comments seemed interesting. The majority, maybe 60%, favored the stand of California. The others were more predictable and were in favor of punishing the 'land of fruits and nuts' as California is known by polite conservatives. There were also some that took every comment by an Assemblyman, Senator or Governor and believed those words described the actions or thoughts of the entire state. California is a very large state. Some people think we should be three states or two, to better represent us. I doubt that it will ever happen because, as citizens of this states, we rarely ever agree on anything.

On a different is a link to my art blog