Saturday, June 24, 2017

Life goes on

It's been awhile since I last posted here and I have some of the usual excuses, pain and more pain.In fact I am sitting at home because of those excuses. But, I do have another reason for not sitting down to write. You may remember that our youngest granddaughter, now 14, was struck (overnight) with Acute Flaccid Myelitis at age 13 and is now unable to walk and has to use a wheelchair for her transportation. I would have been depressed if it happened to me, but she has been optimistic about it; certain she will walk again. It hasn't been a year since that day; her paraplegia happened at the end of October and her optimism has been showing signs of strain.

Then a miracle happened. Someone at the Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento recommended her for a scholarship for the summer camp that AbilityFirstSports.Org puts on. And it was being held on the campus of UC Chico. That's about 4 miles from our house and the house was the perfect place for our son and his girlfriend to stay while our granddaughter was at camp. (Facebook link)
Our granddaughter wasn't certain that she wanted to go to camp. During the past 9 months she has gradually become less adventuresome, but she was convinced by her father that it would be worth the risk. He promised that they would stay close by and would always be available. So off she went. And as her father was leaving, one of the coaches approached him and said "Don't be surprised if we hand you a bag of wheelchair parts when she leaves" It seems that the campers quickly turn their staid chairs into sports models. Campers who are returning for their second or third summer show the new campers how to strip the chairs and make them 'race ready'.

Our granddaughter did not make the expected phone calls on the first day. And then again on the second; no calls. My son went to investigate and found a happy camper in his daughter. She wa having so much fun she had forgotten to call. The camp counselor told my son that all was well and she was the kind of camper that they love to see; unafraid to try anything. And they did everything. swimming, tennis, basketball, skate park, water skiing, even rugby. Also, they only stopped to eat and then they were back at it until 10 at night. There were 31 campers and they were all different, different backgrounds, different colors, different talents, etc. Then we saw our granddaughter being interviewed by one of the local TV stations as the spokesperson for the organization and its program. Amazing! And she was now doing things that she once required assistance for. She fell over once while racing and got her chair back up and herself into it in record time and with no assistance. Parents are asked to stay away during that week while the coaches are building up their self confidence. And it works.

She was returned to her father this afternoon and we were able to see her for awhile before they left for the 2 hour trip home. She was a different girl. She was positive and mature. And ready for next years camping trip. And we're going to make sure she gets to go!