Monday, January 31, 2022

As I said, I am writing for my descendants...

 ...but I should tell them something about their ancestors and we have quite a few. Of course every family has them, but I like to think that ours are special.  

I started using Ancestry dot com a long time ago. When I started they were using bare bones graphics and no choice of which font you would use. I was lacking a lot of facts so I just kept plugging away at it and using the 'hints' to correct a lot of the information I had gathered. Right now, it's a work in progress and I have no idea as to when I can say it's complete. The first blog was titled Projections because the word popped into my head when faced with the question of what to name it.

7,387 posts have been completed and posted so far. Google had no part in the majority of those posts and I really don't care for the way it looks and operates. Oh well, I'm just a cranky old man and nobody will listen to my complaints. Most people don't. I know that I have met some amazing people here on the blog. We met via our blogs and comments. Some we simply admired from afar.

I think I will start with my father's side of my family tree. Not for any specific reason; I guess I know more about them... 

I hope you can read these names and dates. Starting with my father, William Bernie Dunn; born in 1915 and died in 1980. he was born in Duluth Minnesota, an industrial town where large ships burdened with ore would dock. Duluth was located on Lake Superior. On the right is a photo of my dad at the age of 21. serious looking isn't he? 

 I am a Meyers-Briggs Type Facilitator. Yep, I even have a fancy piece of paper that I would show you if I could find it. You will just have to trust me. I didn't use any of our tools to determine his type, I used observation and I believe he was an INFP which is the same as mine. That makes it suspect, though a few of  the Type Indicators are obvious. He was an Introvert, through and through. He was also an iNtuitive in the medium range and I believe a weak Feeling and Perception. INFP's are just 4% of the population. I don't know about his childhood as he and the rest of his small family were abandoned by their father/husband (another story).   More later.

 I had better get busy here and publish something new. I have published hundreds of documents? letters? postings? texts? in the past but when I forget, I am lucky enough to have a sister that will remind me, in a gentle way, to get busy.

I received an e-mail from her this morning and she mentioned my writing for my descendants, which is exactly what I am doing on this blog, among other things. I also have a few blogs that were created for that purpose. Such as...Working' 'A Touch of Insanity' 'AhlDunn' 'Good Eats' 'Living'  'Short Laps' and New Peppers. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Catching up

1/10/22 (I thought I had published this...sorry Kitty)
...I am really behind in my blog posting. I hadn't realized it till got one of those spammers commenting on a post in the past. Some things never change and spam is one of those things. 
I suppose I can add an update on my twin grandchildren. In fact I should do that as it has been a long time since I last mentioned them. I have 5 other grandchildren but I must admit to a special bias here. Besides being our last grandchildren, they are twins, and then due to a messy end of marriage, we spent a lot of time being the ones in charge of their care during the time their father was at work. Despite our wishing that they remain babies, they graduated from high school and made plans for the next adventures in in their life. 
My granddaughter had spent the time in high school becoming a great wheelchair athlete in her free time on school breaks and weekends by participating in basketball games all over the north state and some tournaments in Texas. It was in Texas that she was noticed by coaches from the Adaptive Athletics program at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her hard work and her dad being more than willing to get his daughter and her chair to all the distant games had made her a true athlete. (When you live in Susanville, everything is distant!) 
Her brother, my namesake, in more ways than I realized, had tried a JC to earn an AA degree but the JC wasn't for him so he decided to become a fireman...of course. He was accepted by a local fire crew and hoped to be training with them as soon as he finished a few wildland fire courses at the JC, so he was back at the school but with a goal. Then the fires of last summer struck the West and his firecrew was sent to Utah and a fire; one of many. He missed the training session with them and would have to wait till they were back. 
I must stop here...I will be back in the next morning. Old age has conspired with my muscles and after an hour or so I can't type a line without a mistake. That is why it has taken me 90 minutes to type what you see here...