Saturday, November 18, 2017

Yes, time does go by

I have to admit that I don't read as many blogs as I once did. Everything seems to be slowing down and reading blogs is a victim of that slowdown. Back in the early oughts, I was a prolific reader and writer. I have posted 7,344 times in the years I've owned this blog.

I was reading my Journal for the year 2009 and I spotted an entry where I was mentioning the fact that Ronni, of Time Goes By, a venerable blog, had asked me to write a guest column for her. I was thrilled to be asked as her blog was very well read. I had been reading her blog for many years, starting when she lived on the East coast; was it Maine or New Hampshire? Then she gladly exited the cold country and moved to Portland. Actually,  she moved to Lake Oswego which is just up the hill from Portland. In my working days I often stayed at the Phoenix Inn in that town and would do my training workouts on the hills of Lake Oswego. Beautiful town.

My guest column? I didn't keep a copy and it's lost it should be. I found it hard to write as well as she does.

I'm I decided to read her blog again and I was angered to see that she was battling cancer. Angry is the only word that I could come up with. Cancer always makes me angry. But she is on chemo and seems upbeat about it. And Ollie, her cat, is still with her; that is a good thing. I know that Ronni is not a religious person but I am and will pray for her recovery.

Speaking of cats; I was reading, in that same Journal, about the antics of my cat. She was about 4 years old at the time, making her 12 years old more or less. She didn't come with a birth certificate so we are relying on the educated guess of the veterinarian that handed her off to me. She is currently sitting on a blanket, on a pillow, on the couch and next to me. She is asleep of course, snoring softly. She still has the ability to modify my pain, just as she did 9 years ago and she has continued to do that through the years. She did it this morning and she is doing it now....