Sunday, August 27, 2017

There has been time enough

We have given him all of the time needed. He has wasted it. He wasted it with rallies designed to stroke his ego. He wasted it going after imaginary enemies and making new ones. The list could go on and on as he never works hard at anything. Pushing bills, mending fences; that's for underlings to do. And everyone is an underling. If you aren't sure of that, he will be glad to inform you. "I'm the President. You're not!" is a declaration that rolls easily off of his tongue.

I recently read a column where he was compared to Caligula. Strangely, history tells us that the comparison fits, And it was said that Caligula was mad, insane. Trump is not insane but he is mentally ill. Maybe it's dementia caused by aging. I'm not a professional and I haven't slept in a Holiday Inn lately, but he is sick. And that makes me wonder about the 'Annual Presidential Physical'. Is there any law, rule or regulation that makes it mandatory for the President to check in at a government hospital and undergo an annual physical exam? An exam by that unseen doctor of Trump's choosing, the one he used at the beginning of the campaign, should not be acceptable. The fact that this 'MD' spoke using the same vocabulary as Trump would make him suspect.

And then there is this Nazi business. You have to be of a certain age to remember them with the horror, hatred and contempt they deserve. And there are fewer of us to remember them every year that passes. That is dangerous. Then, to see the 'leader' of our country fail to use the power of his office to condemn them and the 'White Supremacists' tells me where his real interests lie. To top it off, he pardons the racist "Sheriff Joe" before he is even sentenced. Doing that tells the criminals of the Alt-Right that they have nothing to fear from the courts.

On and on it goes. Every day brings new controversy, new scandal. Will he ever do a day's work? For the people?