Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The worst...ever

Trump. The absolute worst president in our history. And we have had some bad ones. Nixon and Jackson come to mind. There have been a lot of poor ones as well, Clinton and Dubya Bush qualify. Fact is, there were plenty of defective ones. Just as there are defective humans. But evil? That's Trump.
He lies constantly. Minute by minute, hour by hour, the lies mount up. Yet he refuses to admit an error, He never supplies evidence to support his claims. We're supposed to believe him just because he said it? Did you believe your 7 year old when they told an obvious fib, just because they were your 7 year old? If you did, you're a Trump fan. And 7 years old is where Trump's level of social intelligence lies.
And the claims that the mainstream media lies and it's all 'Fake News'? If that were true, the mainstream media would have been out of business 100 years ago. And we would be getting our news from supermarket tabloids and from our neighbors who heard it from another neighbor, and on and on. Why would anyone believe the 'Fake News' claim, when no evidence that it is fake, is produced?
Do average citizens believe anything they hear as long as it supports their established view? No they don't. They question it, as they should. 
I was born a cynic, so it's easy for me to question authority. I also know when to submit to authority. I am a Navy veteran, so I've seen my share of dumb authority. Now, what I see & hear from the White House isn't simply 'dumb', it is evil. Yes, it is time to make America great again, but we have to throw away the red hats and question why we thought we should wear them.