Monday, April 22, 2013

More spam...

I just cleared out my comment section. 34 comments waiting for my review and they were all from Anonymous...spam is everywhere!

We just got back from a pilgrimage to the Temple of Wretched Excess, or as it is more commonly known...Costco. Despite my early morning workout I had some back pain and we thought it would be better to walk the aisles of Costco than to sit around whining. Since we really didn't need all that much we decided to prowl every aisle just to see what curiosities might be there.

Oh my! We got into the camping section and we were reminded of our early camping trips. We were in our late twenties and had three small children but we did love to camp. With a three room canvas tent from Sears, a Coleman stove and lantern, sleeping bags and assorted camp gear. What a chore! And camping today? It's very different. Everything is lightweight and self assembling. LED lanterns instead of Coleman lanterns with broken mantles. A camp stove that included an oven. What sissies!

Of course our camping experiences are almost 50 years old and we see it all in a very different way. A jealous way! Why wasn't this stuff around when we needed it? That old tent must have weighed 100 pounds. And how many broken mantles did I have to replace? The camp stove required lots of pumping to keep the burners going. And we were always running out of white gas.

Tomorrow is the day I finally get to see an ophthalmologist about the cloudiness in my right eye. There may be some in my left as well but it's not as apparent as the right side. Cataracts, I'm sure. And I want them fixed as soon as possible. But first I have to fly off to Arizona for a week to spend time with my sister and brother in-law who lives in Cave Creek. But as soon as I'm back, I need that surgery. Everything is a blur now and if I were driving regularly I would have to stop. As it is, I drive three times a week, just over to the gym and back, not even a full mile each way. Because of all my other meds I have to give up serious driving. I still haven't driven our new car...the one we bought in November. Darn!

Sure, I'm rambling but I'm not in the mood to discuss serious stuff. There are far too many opinions being voiced these days and I am eager to see it settle down. Maybe then we will know the truth about Boston.

Did I mention that we have matching Kindle Fire's? They were well worth the money. We have had them since February and we haven't bought a book yet. We search out all the free books as well as the free library ebooks. The public library collection is growing every day. It's a priority for them. And the Kindle's go everywhere with us. I usually have to wait for my wife at the gym as she has a different workout routine and so I sit and open the Kindle to the current book or I play some game until she arrives.

I still love a 'real' book and have not given up on them. I love our library of books we have treasured over the years. But the ebook is part of our life now.