Monday, January 30, 2017

Pants on fire!

The Presidential lies continue unabated. Luckily, there are more and more people willing to call them lies and not some euphemism that disguises the fact that the President is not just misinformed, but is in fact, a liar. A pathological liar. A sociopath. When you can, read Charles Blow in the NYT. He is a leader in calling Trump a liar.

I don't see any statistics,  but I have a feeling that more and more of the Trump supporters are quietly slipping away. I haven't heard Trump talking bout how popular he is, lately. He used to mention that on a regular basis. Bannon, the sinister half of Trump's brain, may have told him to keep it quiet. After this weekend's immigration debacle, it's obvious that Trump is losing even more ground in the popularity polls.

Every once in awhile I have a daydream where Edward R. Murrow, Huntley and Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, and John Chancellor are alive and well. Trump doesn't exist politically; he had interviews with these five during the campaign and folded early on.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's going to be a long 4 years...

unless the fool is run out of office before then. I'm sure that the fool is making a lot of congressmen nervous. They have to support him...for now. But what happens when all of his promises fail? He was going to cut the deficit, which had been falling over the past 7 years, but his tax cuts and infrastructure spending are projected to raise it dramatically. I already know that any broken promise will be blamed on the Democrats and I hope some of them are.

His behavior in the past week has been erratic to say the least. That's why I question his mental health. Today he seems to be focused on proving the 3 million votes that beat him in the popular contest were cast by 'illegal' or even dead voters.  He can't find any data to support his claim so I have a feeling that he is about to manufacture some data to validate his claim.

He needs to be adored, much like Dear Leader, and he has even stooped to bringing in his own cheering section when needed. That happened at the speech he gave in the CIA headquarters. He was given a standing ovation. Some of that was because no one was given a chair to sit in. And then were the paid 'clappers'....

Yes, it is going to be a long time before sanity is restored.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Music to my ears

Today was the day to visit the doctor. In actuality, he is a PA-C and far better than most physicians I've met. He is thorough. Anyway, my lab work came back and all is well, cholesterol included. But I did have a few other complaints; sore shoulder, COPD and MES.

COPD is an old one and I had kept it at bay by exercise. I have a pulse oximeter of my own and had always kept the oxygen levels at 98. That's good and then some. But today I was down to 94 and he was worried. He has a plan now and we will be followed up in two weeks to see how the plan is working. And I go back to the gym on Monday and that will help.

Now for MES. That stands for Musical Ear Syndrome and the symptoms are music that is heard when there is no music being played. It's also known as Auditory Hallucinations. With my description of it I had a chance to get him smiling and even laughing. He had never heard of it and I explained that the knowledge was just a Google search away from him. I love being able to educate the doctor. After we talked some more he prescribed something to remove ear wax and then the follow up.

But what about my ear music? Mine is usually a tenor, a good one, and he is singing from an aria. But the volume is so low that no matter how much I strain to hear a single word, a vocal clue, I cannot. He is singing right now as I type. And he sings the same refrain over and over for a long time. But then it will change while I am not paying attention. Yesterday, I was certain that he was singing the Star Spangled Banner...that was the melody. Again, I heard no actual words. Yesterdays volume was higher than today's but that means nothing. It varies in volume as well as content.

This past Wednesday I graduated from the physical therapy for my fractured pelvis. All is good. But now I will have to return to the PT people and their tender mercies as they work on my shoulder.

This getting old is really the pits! It's nothing like I imagined. For one, I had no idea I would have to learn so many acronyms! This little post has 4 of them...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Press conference

If you haven't had a chance to see and hear the president-elect at his first press conference, you are missing an amazing performance. Google it and read the transcript, and if you are up to it, watch trump in action.

I said it was amazing and I was amazed. That the man who will sit in the Oval Office has the vocabulary and speaking skills of a third grader. Yes, even his social skills are those of a third grader. (Sorry, third graders everywhere) It was embarrassing to watch. How do the reporters keep a straight face? How does his staff and Cabinet keep a straight face? I am assuming that all of the aforementioned have IQ's hovering around 100 or better. Probably better. Yet, their faces were frozen.

I know for a fact that my sentence structuring is less than perfect. My grammar always needs polishing. Yet, I look like Einstein compared to that buffoon. I know that Ms Conway has told us that we need to see what's in his heart and pay no attention to his words. No matter how many times he changes those words, we are still supposed to be looking at his heart. But, I can't see his heart. His words represent him. Sorry, Kellyanne; you work for a cretin and I think that even you know that is a fact.

People; those who love and admire trump, say that he must be very intelligent because of the vast wealth he has acquired. They ignore the fact that no one knows how much money, or debt, he has because he won't reveal his tax returns. Considering his history, he is probably heavily in debt. His father always came to his financial rescue in the past but his dad is no longer around to finance his profligate son.  

It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to be the son, or daughter, of a wealthy man.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's been awhile...

...since I last voiced an opinion here. Or told a story. What have I been doing? Mostly boring things. I go to physical therapy twice a week to clear up any lasting injury from my fractured pelvis. I hope to make today's visit the last one. The pain persists but I am now of the opinion that it will never cease. It's been with me, in varying degrees, since January of 2008. I'm waiting to see what kind of marijuana products will show up here now that California has joined the ranks of states with a liberal attitude towards cannabis. Perhaps there will be a strain of grass that will ease the pain and make life a little more enjoyable.

My pain is nothing when compared to that of my youngest granddaughter. I have written about her many times in the past few months; to recap, she has Acute Flaccid Myelitis and is paralyzed from the 'bellybutton' down. At the end of November, there were 108 cases of that disease, in 33 states. Still no cure and still no idea as to what causes it. She has made it back to school, in her wheelchair, and next fall she will enter high school.

I guessed correctly as to the cure for my network problems and my new, reconditioned. router is doing a great job.

Speaking of marijuana, that brings up the topic of Trump's cabinet and especially Jeff Sessions, his choice for Attorney General. This man, who pretends to be a righteous Christian, will be the one that wants to end the marijuana business and put all the buyers and sellers into prison. That's what they do where he comes from! He will have a hard time justifying the cost of all the thousands of FBI agents that will need to be hired to do this policing. Where marijuana is legal, the police in those states cannot arrest or hold anyone for the FBI. They will be on their own.  

Trump, this infantile ass, continues to amaze me. When the republican clown car was making its rounds earlier in the year, they should have opened the door and kicked him to the a concerted effort. but when do republicans work well together?

Then there's Trump and his crusade to save the American worker. Ford was in a bind with a plan to build the Focus in Mexico. The cheap gas had shut down the market for small cars. So they look like heroes by abandoning the Focus in Mexico plan and then told everyone (again!) about their plan to hire some 700 workers to develop electric vehicles in their Flat Rock facility. This was the same plan they had announced in 2015. But who was listening at the time? Now Trump has warned GM about their plan to build the Cruze in Mexico and GM doesn't have an ace up their sleeve as Ford did, so they are nervous. New jobs for American workers? Nope, it's all smoke and mirrors. And it spurs on the development of robotics and AI. That is going to lose American jobs faster than any plant in Mexico will ever do.