Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's been awhile...

...since I last voiced an opinion here. Or told a story. What have I been doing? Mostly boring things. I go to physical therapy twice a week to clear up any lasting injury from my fractured pelvis. I hope to make today's visit the last one. The pain persists but I am now of the opinion that it will never cease. It's been with me, in varying degrees, since January of 2008. I'm waiting to see what kind of marijuana products will show up here now that California has joined the ranks of states with a liberal attitude towards cannabis. Perhaps there will be a strain of grass that will ease the pain and make life a little more enjoyable.

My pain is nothing when compared to that of my youngest granddaughter. I have written about her many times in the past few months; to recap, she has Acute Flaccid Myelitis and is paralyzed from the 'bellybutton' down. At the end of November, there were 108 cases of that disease, in 33 states. Still no cure and still no idea as to what causes it. She has made it back to school, in her wheelchair, and next fall she will enter high school.

I guessed correctly as to the cure for my network problems and my new, reconditioned. router is doing a great job.

Speaking of marijuana, that brings up the topic of Trump's cabinet and especially Jeff Sessions, his choice for Attorney General. This man, who pretends to be a righteous Christian, will be the one that wants to end the marijuana business and put all the buyers and sellers into prison. That's what they do where he comes from! He will have a hard time justifying the cost of all the thousands of FBI agents that will need to be hired to do this policing. Where marijuana is legal, the police in those states cannot arrest or hold anyone for the FBI. They will be on their own.  

Trump, this infantile ass, continues to amaze me. When the republican clown car was making its rounds earlier in the year, they should have opened the door and kicked him to the a concerted effort. but when do republicans work well together?

Then there's Trump and his crusade to save the American worker. Ford was in a bind with a plan to build the Focus in Mexico. The cheap gas had shut down the market for small cars. So they look like heroes by abandoning the Focus in Mexico plan and then told everyone (again!) about their plan to hire some 700 workers to develop electric vehicles in their Flat Rock facility. This was the same plan they had announced in 2015. But who was listening at the time? Now Trump has warned GM about their plan to build the Cruze in Mexico and GM doesn't have an ace up their sleeve as Ford did, so they are nervous. New jobs for American workers? Nope, it's all smoke and mirrors. And it spurs on the development of robotics and AI. That is going to lose American jobs faster than any plant in Mexico will ever do.

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