Friday, January 13, 2017

Music to my ears

Today was the day to visit the doctor. In actuality, he is a PA-C and far better than most physicians I've met. He is thorough. Anyway, my lab work came back and all is well, cholesterol included. But I did have a few other complaints; sore shoulder, COPD and MES.

COPD is an old one and I had kept it at bay by exercise. I have a pulse oximeter of my own and had always kept the oxygen levels at 98. That's good and then some. But today I was down to 94 and he was worried. He has a plan now and we will be followed up in two weeks to see how the plan is working. And I go back to the gym on Monday and that will help.

Now for MES. That stands for Musical Ear Syndrome and the symptoms are music that is heard when there is no music being played. It's also known as Auditory Hallucinations. With my description of it I had a chance to get him smiling and even laughing. He had never heard of it and I explained that the knowledge was just a Google search away from him. I love being able to educate the doctor. After we talked some more he prescribed something to remove ear wax and then the follow up.

But what about my ear music? Mine is usually a tenor, a good one, and he is singing from an aria. But the volume is so low that no matter how much I strain to hear a single word, a vocal clue, I cannot. He is singing right now as I type. And he sings the same refrain over and over for a long time. But then it will change while I am not paying attention. Yesterday, I was certain that he was singing the Star Spangled Banner...that was the melody. Again, I heard no actual words. Yesterdays volume was higher than today's but that means nothing. It varies in volume as well as content.

This past Wednesday I graduated from the physical therapy for my fractured pelvis. All is good. But now I will have to return to the PT people and their tender mercies as they work on my shoulder.

This getting old is really the pits! It's nothing like I imagined. For one, I had no idea I would have to learn so many acronyms! This little post has 4 of them...

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