Saturday, January 15, 2022

Catching up

1/10/22 (I thought I had published this...sorry Kitty)
...I am really behind in my blog posting. I hadn't realized it till got one of those spammers commenting on a post in the past. Some things never change and spam is one of those things. 
I suppose I can add an update on my twin grandchildren. In fact I should do that as it has been a long time since I last mentioned them. I have 5 other grandchildren but I must admit to a special bias here. Besides being our last grandchildren, they are twins, and then due to a messy end of marriage, we spent a lot of time being the ones in charge of their care during the time their father was at work. Despite our wishing that they remain babies, they graduated from high school and made plans for the next adventures in in their life. 
My granddaughter had spent the time in high school becoming a great wheelchair athlete in her free time on school breaks and weekends by participating in basketball games all over the north state and some tournaments in Texas. It was in Texas that she was noticed by coaches from the Adaptive Athletics program at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her hard work and her dad being more than willing to get his daughter and her chair to all the distant games had made her a true athlete. (When you live in Susanville, everything is distant!) 
Her brother, my namesake, in more ways than I realized, had tried a JC to earn an AA degree but the JC wasn't for him so he decided to become a fireman...of course. He was accepted by a local fire crew and hoped to be training with them as soon as he finished a few wildland fire courses at the JC, so he was back at the school but with a goal. Then the fires of last summer struck the West and his firecrew was sent to Utah and a fire; one of many. He missed the training session with them and would have to wait till they were back. 
I must stop here...I will be back in the next morning. Old age has conspired with my muscles and after an hour or so I can't type a line without a mistake. That is why it has taken me 90 minutes to type what you see here...

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  1. So Glad you are posting again, but take it easy! No burnout!