Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Just got back from my walk and read the paper...Oh, my! It has begun; the analysis of why the jury and the judge were wrong in the MJ case. Here are people who were never in the courtroom, never saw the evidence, never heard the testimony and never heard the judge's instructions. But...they know the truth. And I'm willing to bet a substantial amount of money that these same "experts" have never served on a jury and will do their very best to avoid jury duty. Why bother with trials at all when we have such great legal minds free for the asking?


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  2. If we didn't have opinions on the case, then some people might believe that what he did was acceptable. By stating what we think of the situation, regardless of how much information we have on the subject, it may be discouraging others from thinking that it is okay to act like Wacko Jacko. Whether or not that kid was lying, this case has silenced victims of sexual abuse by giving Jackson his bought freedom. You are free to ridicule these opinions, but they are crucial to our society surviving this devastating blow to children and win for pedophiles.

  3. "Whether or not that kid was lying," Whoa! Do you think a lie should send someone to prison? And you can have all the opinions you want, but it means nothing...it's only an opinion. The jury did the right thing. They heard the evidence and they had instructions from the judge. They spent 7 days deliberating...and as one juror said, the ONLY person that they thought wasn't a liar was the guy who testified as to the time of certain phone calls. But I can't second guess them nor should anyone else.

    Here's a very good analysis of the trial...