Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Truth Be Told

The Patriot Act is coming up for renewal and the Republicans are acting just like…Republicans, again.

For instance; “Citizens who want to keep an eye on the process will have no easy task. The most crucial debates of the Senate Intelligence Committee are being kept closed to the public.”

What’s with Republicans and secrets? The very first thing that Bush did when elected (2000) was to seal all the presidential papers of his father. Why? Had he done something wrong? And now I read that Bush won’t let the Senate see the secret files about the conduct of John Bolton.

I can tell you that the story about Mark Felt brought back all of those memories of Republican deception during the Nixon years. And I can certainly see a lot of the same behavior by this administration. I can only hope that there might be another Woodward and Bernstein…and another Mark Felt.


  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Ouch!! There's definitely no secret how you feel about Republicans, that's for sure,
    such all inclusive statements.
    Guess I picked the wrong day to listen in!

  2. Not really Kay, I feel the same way about most Democrats. It's why I became an Independent...and I should say that when I speak of Republicans or Democrats in a less than complimentary tone; I'm speaking of the politicians, not those who happened to register in one party or another.

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Hey, it's ok. I'll just go quietly and slit my wrists!!!

  4. It would be simpler (and less messy) to just change your registration to Independent. That way you won't feel the least bit abused whenever someone is critical of either party...and besides, they won't even know you've gone. They only pay the slightest attention to their party faithful once every two years at the most, and never if you live in a "safe" district.