Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tuesday AM

And it's a nice day...so far. I am waiting for the Social Security Administration phone appointment at 9:05. And after that, who knows what kind of day I might have.

I've been out in the garden while waiting and I have managed to plant all of the perennials we bought a few days ago at Little Red Hen. I don't rush home and plant, I need to time to decide where they might look best. And then when it's time...I plant them all in a rush. (It's an INFP thing!) My flower garden is evolving slowly and that's sort of my un-plan. I just ignore the bare spots, knowing I will receive an inspiration someday.

I also harvested some yellow squash and zucchini, plus a foot long Armenian cucumber. Everything is growing well with the increased heat and so I need to watch the watering schedule; it's dangerous to let them dry out at all.

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