Monday, July 30, 2007

Lost...and Found

A few minutes ago I wrote “Now what will I do with a food mill after the last tomato has been picked? Will it grow dusty and forgotten in the back of a cupboard?”

That brings me to the story of the lost nutcrackers. Last winter I went looking for a nutcracker and couldn’t find either one. I had a plain and simple one and then a much nicer one ($$), but they weren’t to be found anywhere! So I did what I had to do and bought another one. Also a very nice one. ($$) Then, last week, Steven was asking his grandmother about the fancy bowl that sits on a shelf in the laundry room. She took it down to show him and of course, in it were the two nutcrackers and some very old and dusty walnuts. You have to envy a guy that has three (3) nutcrackers! Don't you?

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