Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bad Air

Rise and shine! Okay, I’m awake…trust me; nothing gets me out of bed as quickly as a leg cramp. Now, with a cup of coffee to complete the horizontal to vertical process, I’m ready to do a little cat wrestling to get those aching joints moving again.

Boo the cat seems to think she can best me this morning but I win the first three falls quite easily and she retires for the morning. I’m still undefeated.

Noted; one of the problems with leaving your computer off overnight is the fact that housekeeping chores like virus scanning and MS updates occur only after you turn the machine back on. It’s early and here I am; eager to see what is happening in the world, and my computer is trying to do three other things all at once. My request is put on the back burner. I guess I’ll get another cup of coffee and maybe the housekeeping will be completed when I get back. Number of items scanned; 117367. I didn’t know that I had that many ‘items’! And it’s still not finished.

With the windows open this morning, I can really smell the smoke from hundreds of northstate fires. And I just got an email from the cleanup crew and they won’t be coming to work in the garden/orchard today because of the air quality. The weather forecast calls it ‘haze’ but that is too benign a word for it. It’s smoke and it’s bad for you!

That's it...I'm closing the windows. I just stepped outside to see what kind of day we had in store for us and it looked like a foggy winter morning. The smoke is far too thick!

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  1. Yes it's really bad here too....They cancelled Football Camp for Kyle this morning. It seemed to clear up this morning. I was awake from 3:30 am to 5:00 am and could see the moon from my bedroom window. It's like everything is orange around here. And I once again can't finish my painting project.....