Thursday, June 19, 2008

Believe it or not!

"President Bush urged Congress on Wednesday to end a federal ban on offshore oil drilling and open a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration, asserting that those steps and others would lower gasoline prices and “strengthen our national security.”

Now take a moment to remember these words. Write them down. Then check those gas prices after the drilling has begun. Read those words again. Sucker!


  1. He lies again....I was just listening to NPR and both experts from the Right and Left (both sides seem to have their own experts) agree that new drilling will NOT lower gas prices. With a global demand for oil, the amount of oil that could be extracted would be a drop in the bucket of what we would need. And the costs would be huge and would take years and years. Someone pointed out that the oil companies already have miles and miles of leased property here in the US that have oil which they are not pumping. Seems they just need to say they have oil reserves, they don't need to actually drill for it to make themselves look great for investors. Why bother actually drilling, just make huge profits from scarce quantities of the product.

  2. Good one!

    A growth industry; being an energy expert. No experience needed.

  3. Part of the increase in the cost of oil is the loss in value of the dollar. As the dollar slides it takes more of them to buy a barrel.