Friday, June 20, 2008


It’s obvious that the quantity and quality of my daily writings will suffer while the twins are here. I’m in demand as a ‘grandpa’ or ‘poppa’ almost all day, and as the twins are 5 years old, there’s a lot of their ‘why’ questions for me to answer. There’s really no time for my own ‘why’ questions.

I have the windows open and the fans going this morning, trying to get some of that 65° outside air into our 78° house. At 4 in the morning.

The cat, no fan of little children, is asleep nearby. Safe for now. She has found a corner here in our study where she can curl up and not be noticed by little eyes. Being black, she can tuck herself right into a shadow. She will make her exit about ten this morning and the twins will be none the wiser.

Speaking of ‘why’, I should mention that answering questions, for anyone, is a real test for my personality type. I’m an Intuitive type versus a Sensing type. ‘Sensing Types’ are those who use their 5 senses and depend on a logic created by what they can experience; touching, seeing, hearing, etc. Intuitives use a logic created by weird ‘equations’ within their minds and not based on anything that can be seen. Intuitives are the ones you hated when you were in school and taking timed tests, because they were the ones that finished first. Yes, Intuitives are simply better guessers than most. And the majority of educators report as being Intuitives which explains why there are so many timed tests. There is a built-in bias against Sensing Types in our education system. They are often described as being ‘slow’, when, in fact, it’s the fault of the Intuitive instructors who can’t or won’t recognize any other Type.

Remember the teachers that would tell you to just move on if you couldn’t get the answer for a test question? ‘Come back to it later’ they would say. But ‘Sensing Types’ can’t do that. They have to finish each question in its turn. Intuitives have already done that. Moved on. Twice. Which reminds me; that’s how I do crossword puzzles. And it really irritates my ‘Sensing’ wife! I scan the puzzle and cherry pick the answers. She completes the puzzles in an orderly fashion. And when I was traveling, I would carry a couple of those crossword puzzle books to while away the flying hours; each one filled with unfinished puzzles. I'm sure my fellow passengers thought me weird as I flipped through the pages and inserted a word here and there.

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