Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good Reads

I’m reading a lot of books these days. Here’s one that I’m finding to be quite interesting, Violence Over the Land by Ned Blackhawk. Since the author writes mainly of the Ute, Comanche, and Navajo tribes, the book is focused on northern New Mexico, a land that I love to visit. A very scholarly book, it deserves to be read slowly. And I am doing that. One of the place names that you read quite often in the book is Abuquiu. This village with the impossible name is located about 55 miles north of Santa Fe and not too far from Taos. It also happens to be the place where Georgia O’Keefe lived from 1949 until her death in 1986.

New Mexico is one those rare places where history is still evident. You can feel the ghosts. Go to downtown Los Angeles and the spirit of the old pueblo is gone. Vanished under the asphalt. But go to Santa Fe and you can look at the scenery and see right past the gift shops and parking meters; you can see the Ute’s trading with the Spaniards in the plaza. Really.

And a book I want to read is Physics for Future Presidents by Richard Muller. Fun stuff! The book is a spin-off from his lecture series of the same title.


  1. Kitty7:13 AM

    When we took the road trip from Santa Fe to Taos, I remember a road sign noting where Georgia O'Keefe lived. I think there was some kind of gallery there, but we did not take the turn off. Probably promised ourselves we would do it on the way home, but never did. That was a great trip.

  2. New Mexico will always be a favorite place for me. The Big Island or Santa Fe; can't make up my mind where I would like to live in a different life.