Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bill Becomes an Elder?

Speaking of computers, as I was yesterday about this time; this week’s cover story of the Economist focuses on Bill Gates, his retirement and the future of Microsoft. (Will he get a Social Security check? Probably)

What are Microsoft’s plans for the future? The story never gets around to any specifics. Apparently, the company is so large and cumbersome that it takes a concerted effort by planners just to get through the day. And the next.

Part of the story deals with ‘cloud computing’ and some more vague plans by MS to do something with it. But, cloud computing has been around for awhile and nothing has ever come from it. Imagine what could happen if Microsoft actually focused on it? Shazam!

But, as I was saying yesterday, everyone is playing it safe. No one is working on the new ‘killer app’. In fact, anything new coming along will probably come from somewhere outside the borders of the USA.

And there was a great story about Las Vegas. They are adding 40,000 NEW hotel rooms to their repertoire during the next 4 years. Imagine! Las Vegas already holds 7% of the nation’s hotel rooms. At the same time that the nation’s airlines are cutting flights back by 10% across the board. Have you ever tried driving to Las Vegas?

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