Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blowing in the wind

The headlines are calling me. I can’t avoid the news even if I try. And of course all of the news is about the economy. Mr. Bush’s economy. As much as he and his pal’s want someone else to blame, he has to face this little problem all alone.

Fuel prices are back on a downward slide, for now. But I don’t think anyone believes that they will be down for long. The oil companies aren’t going to be opening any new fields unless the market is ripe. Why bother with offshore drilling unless there is plenty of money to be made? Especially when there aren’t any proven oil fields in existence offshore. Wait long enough and the price will rise to $200 a barrel and then offshore exploration will be attractive. But in the meantime, the public will be distracted by tales of the vast but imaginary pools of oil that are ready to be tapped.

I read where T. Boone Pickens has decided to invest in wind farms. Big money. The world’s richest wildcat oil driller doesn’t see any more oil in our future. When it comes to politics, Mr. Pickens is an idiot, but he does know oil.

On a personal level I know we are using less gasoline and a whole lot less diesel. And the news stories tell us that consumption is down. But wouldn’t it be nice to see just how much less? Maybe a daily consumption graph could be posted for all to see? Or…maybe there already is one and I just haven’t found it. I must look.

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