Friday, July 25, 2008

The End (well, not quite)

I watched the movie (documentary) The End of Suburbia last night. Interesting, but I felt as if I were being accused of a crime. Yes, I confess; we bought a house in Suburbia* in the late 60’s. And yes, I drove hundreds of miles to work and back. Wasting cheap gas.

But, in my defense… I couldn’t afford a house in the city at that time. And it was that house, the first house in a long line of houses that has enabled us to live in the one we find ourselves in today.

OK, back to the movie. And oil. I knew a long time ago all about Peak Oil, but I had this streak of optimism. I just knew that people were working on the problem and a solution would be found at any moment. After all, we sent men to the moon, how difficult could it be to come up with an alternate energy source? Naïve.

The movie is already 4 years old and what I would like to see is the same movie, edited to include the events of the past four years.

* Newbury Park, CA 'Dutch Haven Homes'


  1. hello from toronto, canada.

    thanks for watching our film THE END of SUBURBIA. in answer to your request, we have in fact released a follow-up film that may interest you, ESCAPE From SUBURBIA.

    best regards - greg greene

  2. Thanks, I will do that...