Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Opinions (Whew!)

Still lots of hot air blowing about concerning the New Yorker magazine cover. Who knew it (satire) could be such a dangerous subject? Touchy, aren’t we? My own take is that politics are always fair game for satire. Especially presidents; sitting or former, dead or alive. What’s not appropriate is religion or ethnicity. Hey, it’s how I feel. (Being from Texas is not ethnic specific and is always fair game.) And I noticed that a lot of the defenders of satire brought up the subject of Mad Magazine, as if that explained it all. Now I happen to be an early fan of Mad Magazine, back when it was ‘tiny’. Back in the days of Will Elder and Harvey Kurtzman. Now that was satire! And when Mad changed formats and publisher/owners it became simply juvenile. As was the New Yorker.

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