Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Price of Eggs

Yes, I’m still thinking about the economy and our culture change this morning. I’m an elder; I have to. I’ll never get another raise no matter how hard I try, so our income is what it is. Unless I can sell something? Or win the lottery!

That thought reminded me of the movie we watched last night; Owning Mahowny with Minnie Driver and Philip Seymour Hoffman. A great movie. Hoffman grabbed the starring role immediately and made him believable. So believable that I actually had to leave the room a few times because I couldn’t stand to watch him doing what he was doing to his life, his movie ‘life’.

OK, back to reality. I’m not going to win the lottery. But it’s a nice thought. In the meantime, we have to shop carefully. So I made note of the prices as we shopped at Food Maxx yesterday. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a normal shopping day, though we did buy some staples. Eggs were $1.56 a dozen. We looked at the chicken breasts, boneless and skinless, and the Foster Farms brand were $4.99 a pound! The store brand was only $3.19 a pound. We bought neither. We’ll wait for a sale and put some away in the freezer. And since we were going to be making a dessert to share tonight, we had to buy some ice cream sandwiches as they are a vital ingredient in the dish. They were only $3.44 a dozen. Laurae had bought a couple of those same sandwiches during our visit to Prattville over the weekend and had paid $2.00 each!

Going to the store also meant gasoline needed to be purchased and that was $4.45 a gallon for the cheap stuff. It’s gone down in price recently. But the price seems to have affected the way most people (locally) are driving these days. We really do see a change; speeding is out and slow is in. Not a scientific study. We travel the same 15 mile route from the Planet Orland to Chico a couple of times a week and that’s the route where we have noticed the change in driving habits. I can imagine that the speeds in the major cities have remained the same due to that herd mentality when you put a million people together.

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