Monday, July 7, 2008


I’m looking out the study window and there’s a very distinct brown and smoky haze to be seen this morning. You have to look straight up to see any blue sky. Dirty air and high temperatures. It stinks! Literally. That is not a good prescription. Headaches and a persistent cough are the most frequent complaints and everyone seems to be affected.

There was some discussion last night at church about opening the social hall for those who might be affected by the heat this week. Water and cool air would be provided for the hottest part of the day. Good idea, but… those most at risk are the ones that can’t get away from their environment. The elders who no longer drive and have no social contacts to tell them that relief is available. The elders that are trying to scrimp and save on their meager Social Security allotments and have to decide on air conditioning or food. Those are the ones that will die. Who are they and where are they?

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