Saturday, July 5, 2008


This is not a happy morning. We were awakened about 1 this morning by an immense amount of illegal fireworks going off at a neighbor’s house. We’re talking about a noise that had us flying out of bed! The bedroom was illuminated by the almost constant flash of sky charges going off with a bang. There had been a party there and although I did hear the music now and then, it wasn’t enough to get excited about. It wasn’t pleasant, but I figured it was only once a year and I presumed that they would have had their fireworks over and done with by 10. So I didn’t worry about letting the cat out at that time. That was the wrong move. She has disappeared this morning.

(Later) OK, she’s back and hiding out under the desk. She came to the back door covered in spider webs, so I assume she was hiding out in the barn next door. Now, where did they get those fireworks? We’re talking about mortars, exploding a few hundred feet above the ground. Right next to 10 acres of dry pasture. And why were they setting them off on the 5th of July? And judging from the party noises, I can only hope that their ‘guests’ were stopped by the CHP before killing someone on their way home. Idiots!

There is also a small herd of dairy cattle across the road from us and I could hear them bellowing when I stepped outside last night. I imagine that rancher isn’t happy about the fireworks either. Did I say ‘idiots’? Yes!

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